Equipment Repossession Services

GES Sales and Marketing Services Inc. is an equipment repossession and remarketing services company that specializes in full service collections, asset recovery and equipment remarketing. We have been in business since 1997, but our knowledge, expertise and experience spans over 33 years of quality service in repossession and remarketing off lease equipment.

Our recovery and remarketing system enables us to reclaim and resell leased equipment regardless of value or industry association.

Equipment Repossession

We have a network of over 250 agents across the United States who pick up and secure any type of equipment. We provide storage for all equipment that is recovered by our agents.

We offer investigative services to track down lessees and/or landlords.

We understand the timeliness of equipment retrieval and always act with the upmost urgency ensuring you a successful completed repossession.

Repossessed Equipment Remarketing

GES Sales and Marketing Services Inc. utilizes the latest technology in online and offline sales and remarketing. We have a competitive team that will provide a fast and profitable turnaround on your assets. We provide equipment tracking, file updates, information, pictures, and our sales-driving web site.

We have established an aggressive remarketing strategy, client networking, and Internet technology that is foundational to our growth and success in the industry.

Collection Services

Our collections team is fully equipped to seek out delinquent balances from your lessee. We are skilled in complicated cases and can act as a negotiator if settlement or work-outs are required.

We use our unique Collections To Repossession procedure to crack the toughest of defaults.

Client Expectations

Our clients have come to expect the high quality, value-added equipment repossession service that we consistently deliver upon on a nationwide basis.

Our goal is to serve our clients with professionalism, integrity and reliability while recovering and maximizing the fair market value of all types of small, middle and large ticket asset equipment.

We understand that immediacy and communication go hand in hand. We are always accessible to speak to first hand and provide regular status reports of every stage of the asset recovery and sale.

Whether recovering or remarketing equipment, we will always acknowledge your approval first on offers on equipment, repairs of equipment, and finalization of sales.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help make your collections and asset recovery successful!